SUMMA DRILLING recently built a drilling team of professional drillers and engineers with excellent track record of experience in mineral exploration and operational success within different regions including Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Middle East

Summa has its own drilling fleet with recently purchased 2 brand new diamond drill rigs of TD2500 allowing the company more flexibility on when and where it decided to drill, high production-low cost drilling, and would also allow it to begin drilling through a backlog of drill ready targets it has generated from its own in-house exploration team.

SUMMA DRILLING team have many years’ experience in solving drilling problems. Our drillers and engineers are fully trained in all types of drilling techniques to suit all stratas.

SUMMA DRILLING currently owns 2 brand new drill rigs with enough capacity to deliver industry standards quality drilling services in mineral exploration.

TETRA 2500

  • Hydraulic Core Drilling Machine
  • Capacity-1500 m HQ